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Young N Reckless, the revolutionary hip hop group that has been making waves since they first formed, has announced a new single on Presidents Day. 

The song is being considered quite controversial as it addresses the hypocrisy of the political system. Their aim is to point out the critical flaws of the federal government, the hypocrites that are a part of it, and in addition open the eyes of those who actually listen to the song.  

Young N Reckless is definitely  not new to controversy. Their previous…

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We're Still Friends  

Hello friend, how have you been 

Ain't it wonderful, you've got a friend 

And though we've changed in our endeavors I found we still have things in common.

Now ain't it strange and wonderful. That we're still...friends.. we're still friends.... 

Through our hearts, we've never parted 

And in through our living We're friends, for it all.

Cuz the way we are when we're together it lets me know that we love one another.

Now ain't it strange, and wonderful that we're still friends, we're still friends


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About You  

Man I swear I should have listened when they told me...all about you
Now I'm sitting here thinking how you played played me for a fool 

Girl I wouldn't treat a dog the way you treated me
Girl I wouldn't treat a dog the way you treated me

Fell lame to the game along with all them curves.
She attract them street dudes but she came from the burbs.
She a certified 10 but yo her loving will hurt.
Don't play the girl for weak cuz she will do you some dirt.
She was once a good girl but now she all grown up.

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A fully qualified voter: one who has a vote in the choice of any officer: a constituent, Debauche v City of Green Bay, 227 Wis 148, 277 N. W. 147, 148. One who elects or had the right of choice, or who has the right to vote for any functionary, or for the adoption of any measure. Aczel v United States, C.C.A. Ind, 232 F. 652,657, In a narrower sense, one who had the general right to vote for public officers. One authorized to exercise the elective franchise. McEvoy v Christensen 

While the terms…

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Conflict Of Interest 

Young N Reckless is a hip hop group and production company that wants to tear down the veil and reveal the systemic corruption inherent in industry and politics. Their upcoming album will contain sensitive classified information that they hope to release using The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552 

Available by petition only due to the inflammatory and expository nature of its content, the yet to be released new project named “Conflict of Interest” by the audacious new voice of Hip Hop-…

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Angelina is yet another talented and forward-thinking artist to join the Young N Reckless Music family.

The lead single to her upcoming EP is a track called "Summertime". The song is built on two core elements: the groovy strummed guitar lines and Angelina's unmistakable voice. Her singing style is highly emotional and full of energy, particularly echoing the versatility and charisma of fellow artists such as Rihanna, Adele and Amy Winehouse, among others. Angelina's sound is organic and classy, yet widely…

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Ladies And Gentlemen  

Ladies And Gentlemen 
Music has always been the force that has the power to transform moods, bring together people of all walks of life, cultures, political ideologies and race. It’s always been the one form of communication that has the power to bring feelings of hope, peace, calm and love to all who listen. 
Anyone who enjoys Rnb is about to experience it on another level with the newest EP from Zay.   
No stranger to music, Zay has spent several years to perfect his sound, voice and song writing skills…

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Smoke N Mirrors  


Earlier this past weekend, a Young N Reckless Music artist, Mad Hat, debuted his latest single,‘Smoke N Mirrors.’ Lots of interesting things can happen when hip-hop blends in with dark and eery aesthetics. This is definitely the case of Mad Hat, presenting his latest project, Madnificent published on Halloween. The song clocks in at slightly below the 3 minute mark, packing a lot of punch before the end. Pitch…Read more

First Come First Served  

Young N Reckless

Young N Reckless Music Announces Release of New Project, “First Come, First Served
Miami, FL – February 5, 2015: Young N Reckless, a revolutionary hip hop band, has announced a new project. “First Come, First Served” is the name of the album as well as the second track. It will be released to the public on February 6th, 2015. All music can be streamed exclusively on
The album features the “Public Enemies” track, which will also serve as the first single…Read more

Public Enemies  

Young N Reckless

When it comes to art, the only thing that truly makes a difference is taking your chances. Defy conventions, break barriers and get as far as you can to share your message. Through the latest technology and different platforms the two have been able to incorporate music with film as an extension of the unique concept they've introduced.
 "It Felt Like We Performed Inception" - Young N Reckless
"The question was: How do you promote the best album? The only real answer is…you don't. If the musicRead more

New Music  

New Music Can Be Considered Young N Reckless Music
The Young N Reckless record label has been releasing a lot of new music that is revolutionizing the sound of  Hip Hop and R&B. New artists are emerging and the record label has learned to embrace their sound and exploit the music using all of the latest technology and social media.
Refill” is the latest single from D.O.N (Double Or Nothing) while Zay, who is revolutionizing R&B in his own way, has released “Make You Rain” available now as well as debut EP…Read more