The Soundtrack To The Revolution

In Case You Didn't Notice 

DJ Resolution and Respect Music Publish Mixtapes to Bring Awareness to Artists’ Reversion Right Under the Copyright Act 

Parties Aim to Encourage More Artists to Exercise Their Right to Reclaim Master Recordings Before 2020 Cut-off 

San Francisco, California, December 29, 2020 – Bay area-based DJ Resolution, in collaboration with Respect Music, announced today that they have published a series of mixtapes to raise awareness about artists’ rights to reclaim their masters under the Reversion Right clause of…

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Sorry not sorry they done did the most I'm a host a Civil Rights party everybody toast 
To Malcom X Marcus Garvey the way the Government blocking someone must of said guard me everybody close.Anti-social Young N Reckless I go postal in a second I'm so vocal autographs come with every quote. If your whole camp want it, it's a couple stamps on it they goin think your Klan haunted everybody ghost. Power to the people they ain't get to vote, that's an inside joke push the envelope. They had my mama feet…

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Off The Record  



June 01, 2020 09:33 AM 


SAN FRANCISCO,  CA. “How shall integrity face oppression? What shall honesty do in the face of deception?” W.E.B. DuBois 

As a community it's imperative that we come together to organize so we can educate each other on the deep issues that affect us. Given the current outbreak and pandemic, it has been too convenient for media outlets and talking pundits to liken racism to a virus; one of which there doesn't appear…

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Your Song Is My Song  

Under current copyright law, an author of an original work who transferred and or assigned their copyrights (17 U.S.C. § 106)  via recording agreements, are entitled to recapture those master recording copyrights in accord with the provisions of 17 U.S.C. § 304; of the Copyright Act.  

This specific right only goes into effect after 56 years from the assignment date, however one important element in exercising this right is the notice of termination required to be sent at least two years prior to the…

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17 U.S.C. § 203  

Although Hip Hop is by far the youngest of all genres, since its inception it has been proven to be the most vocal and trendsetting over the years. Nevertheless even wIth numerous artists achieving success, it’s been limited to a market cap due to what ultimately comes down to ownership.    

It’s well understood that once an artist signs a recording contract, he or she assigns all rights pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 106 to that of the record label. The current statutory term or duration an assignee has for…

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We Don’t Need More Copyright 

The following transcript is an excerpt of an interview with Professor of law Tom W Bell, author of Intellectual Privilege, Copyright, Common law and the Common Good.  

“Part of your argument is that common law principles actually work better than  current copyright statutes. I’m wondering can you explain that a little bit. “ Todd Krainin  

“By the common law I mean fundamentally those few simple rules  of contract law, property law and tort law: that kind of form the foundational  principles of our legal…

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Music Modernization Act? 



When it comes to the newly introduced bill called the Music Modernization Act (the “MMA”), there’s good news and bad news. 

First, I want to offer some good news.  Many lawmakers from both sides of the aisle appear to be finally waking up to the fact that, in the absence of updated copyright laws, present-day technologies are destroying the livelihoods of music creators, especially workaday creators.  Our elected leaders recognize that changes in the law need to be made.  I think I speak for most…

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All Rights Reserved  

Young N Reckless, the revolutionary hip hop group that has been making waves since they first formed, has announced a new single on Presidents Day. 

The song is being considered quite controversial as it addresses the hypocrisy of the political system. Their aim is to point out the critical flaws of the federal government, the hypocrites that are a part of it, and in addition open the eyes of those who actually listen to the song.  

Young N Reckless is definitely  not new to controversy. Their previous…

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Imagine That 

Today, September 18th 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of our debut album Imagine That. We've been very blessed with the gift to craft our experiences through music and in turn share that with the world. The success we achieve is merely a reflection of all the fans that have supported us along this journey. The concept of this album was to provide a new perspective on time with our music. Though the process of creating this project was somewhat magical, once complete we knew we'd put together something…

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We're Still Friends  

Hello friend, how have you been 

Ain't it wonderful, you've got a friend 

And though we've changed in our endeavors I found we still have things in common.

Now ain't it strange and wonderful. That we're still...friends.. we're still friends.... 

Through our hearts, we've never parted 

And in through our living We're friends, for it all.

Cuz the way we are when we're together it lets me know that we love one another.

Now ain't it strange, and wonderful that we're still friends, we're still friends


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